Improve Circulation to De-Stress The Heart & Cleanse Internally   -  Program Based on Scientific Principles  -  Over 20 Years of Development

Japanese Name: Reishi
Chinese Name: Ling-zhi

Scientific Name: Ganoderma lucidum

Also Known As:

 “Miracle herb" "10,000 Year Mushroom"
"God's herb" "Longevity herb" "Imperial Herb"
​"Super-natural Mushroom”

#1. Reishi Medicinal Mushroom


 Organic ​ Farming
Organic Reishi Infused in Everyday Beverages 
 Variety of Coffees - Hot Chocolate - Variety of Teas

                     Just Add Hot Water For Hot Coffee  -  Now Add Ice Cubes For Cold Coffee  -  Try All Beverages

Organic Reishi Menu 


  1. Black Coffee     :  Coffee + Organic Reishi
  2. King of Coffee  :  Organic Coffee + Organic Reishi
  3. Cafe Latte       :  Coffee + Organic Reishi 
  4. Cafe Mocha      :  Coffee + Organic Reishi
  5. Cafe Supreme  :  Coffee + Ginseng + Organic Reishi
  6. Royal Brewed   : Jamacian Blue Mountain Coffee + Reishi Spores
  7. Brew Cups            :  New 'Just Brew It'             

    Materials provided are for educational purpose only. Not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

     The  "Movement Is Blessed "    Program


       Minimum exercise required To sustain total body Circulation

 positive cases reported In The Treatment of : 


       Anxiety      -      High Blood Pressure     -      Hepatitis      -      Bronchitis      -      Asthma     -     Obesity     

       Shingles      -      Diabetes &  Its Complications      -      Allergies      -      Muscle Aches      -     Arthritis      

  Skin Conditions     -      Anti Aging     -      Anti Inflammatory      -    Poisoning     -      Dizziness      -    Ulcers

     -       Headaches      -       Insomnia      -      Stress     -      Fatigue      -      Memory    -       Concentration.       -

        -       Pancreatic Conditions     -     Kidney Conditions      -      Lung Conditions     -     Liver Conditions    -

             -       Balances Respiratory System    -      Heart Strengthener     -       Immune Strengthener        -  

                   -       Reduces Side Effects of Chemo & Radiation      -     Cancer Treatment in Japan    -   


        Information provided is from Old Historical Texts and Articles of recent & ongoing research & treatments.    

           Centuries Old Super Foods


  1.   Ganoderma lucidum  : Organic, Undiluted & Natural
  2.   Mycelium                  : 18 Day Old Organic Reishi 
  3.   Spore Powder                 : Concentrated Spore Capsules

Hot Chocolate 
            + Organic Reishi


  1.  Red Tea    : Red tea + Organic Reishi
  2.  Black Tea  : Black tea + Organic Reishi 
  3.  Green Tea : Green tea + Organic Reishi

   Personal Care:

  1.  Organic Reishi soap
  2.  Organic Reishi toothpaste



       Which are the subject of research and hope for future treatments.    

                        This website will provide information  on traditional Old remedies. 



    Reishi Medicinal Mushroom     Used only by the Royal Family
   in ancient times. Said to cure   all diseases known to man. 

           Far East

       Mangosteen Super Fruit   

  Both the fruit and the rind have     abundant healing powers. Used   widely to cure many diseases.   


​​                   india

        Moringa Miracle Tree  

Scientist claim, most nutrient dense botanical on earth. Leaves, seeds, roots, all used in Ayurvedic medicine. 

​  Nerium Oleander Plant  

​Grown for its floral display.
Recent research, it contains remarkable anti-aging qualities.   


    Texas, USA

#2. Mangosteen Super Fruit

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