Natural is preferred

health Advantage

Proven & tested

The Movement is Blessed LLC., presents you with this marvel of nature, custom designed for the average person to comprehend. MB, the difference for self & family.

When you're seriously ill and cannot get out of bed, who thinks of going to the gym?

Use MB, family member can do your exercise for you.

Wellness Programs

   The young modern CONSULTANTS    
   are EVERY WERE, promoting sales. 

The exercise and supplement industry is a billion dollar business, and you are it's guinea pig. If you prefer natural, then MB is for you. 

No pills, no powders, no gadgets, simple natural body motion.

  • Dads who work too long, with
    no kid's time. Come home let the kids do your exercise.
  • Grandmother's got a cataract in her eye, she's stopped her daily walks in the park.
  • My mom's started a part-time job, she cancelled the gym-membership. Say, "I love you mom" and do her exercise. 
  • My husband's 55 and works two jobs, I stay at home. His health is not so good. MB is possible while he's asleep.    

"For every discipline effort,

There are multiple rewards."

                       John Rhon

 Specific sequence

TOTAL Body movements


The 'Movement is Blessed' Program

​​​​Life is movement, Stillness is not healthy, All living creatures must physically move. Stillness is death. Did you move daily?

MB, the creme de la creme,

the ultimate in natural therapy. Suitable for all ages, all health conditions, no side effects. Get one for self and one to mom. 

   Not random exercises

            Multi-award Winning Program                                                  LOCAL, national and international

​The MB Program is for educational purposes only. Not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

 ​Healthy Self-Education For
     The Average Family

​​Exercise is a name we associate with fitness.

​​​​Simplest exercise if the best.