​The MB Program is for educational purposes only. Not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

​​​  The 'Movement is Blessed'    Program

 ​Suitable for all health conditions


When you're seriously ill and cannot get out of bed, who thinks of going to the gym?

Use MB, exercise for others.


    The Ultimate Exercise
 Less Active Less Mobile  Seniors 

exercise for Health

            Multi-award Winning Program                                 LOCAL, national and international

    Senior exercise Program

The MB Advantage

MB, the creme de la creme,

the ultimate in natural therapy. Suitable for all ages, all health conditions, no side effects. 

​​​​Life is being mobile and staying flexible, always.
Do you exercise daily?Exercise daily for health.

Proven & tested


The Movement is Blessed LLC., presents you with this marvel of nature, custom designed for the average person and their family.