Science Based All-Natural Exercise   -  Suitable & Beneficial For All Ages

     The 'Movement is Blessed'   Program             


 Exercise every day,
 in health, in sickness.
 today and everyday.

 ​Learn Natural Daily Exercise! 

​Few Gym Exercisers 7 days/week, No One Aces 365 days/year.


Learn to use your Internal Gym for office, travel, vacation, sick or rainy days. 
 Exercise Without Dependency on Anyone, Anyplace or Anything 

Disclaimer:    Time and effort, invested to provide you with the best educational material possible.

The MB Program is for educational purposes only, not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

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​The SECRET of Great Health ALWAYS 

1. ONE Exercise Workout: Specific for Less Active Days

​2. Natural Health 'n illness: Exclusive for Unwell Days

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 'MB' started as natural exercise for less active seniors, now teaching adults and students.

  SECRET FORMULA          MB's Natural Exercise
  is practical for all ages,
  from infants to seniors. 


Originally designed
for mom, seriously ill,
on complete bed rest.


Time tested and proven, 

Daily Exercise is the #1 
Natural Home Remedy.

  The Movement is Blessed   Program

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Based on Principles of Science