Your Personal SOS Tool Kit:
 1.  The MB Health 'n illness

 2.  Principles of Science Made Easy 
 3.  Learn Best Natural Methods of 
      How to Avoid Poor Circulation  
 4.  Health 'n illness Detailed Guide & Workbook
 5.  My Daily Progress Charts
 6.  Health 'n Exercise DVDs  

​ 7.  Enclosed Surprise Gift Card

  1.  MB Total Body Natural Exercise Book
  2.  MB Total Body Detailed Workbook
         i. My Upper Limb Workbook
         ii. My Spine Workbook 

         iii. My Lower Limb Workbook 
  3.  My Planner & My Journal

  4.  Principles of Science Book & DVD
  5.  MB DVD Complete #1 Hands
        i. Instructional DVD
        ii. Exercise Only DVD 
        iii. Mini-Exercise DVD
  6.  MB DVD Complete #2 Feet
​       i. Instructional DVD

       ii. Exercise Only DVD

       iii. Mini-Exercise DVD
  7.  Easy Science Basic Diagram Cards (not shown)  

  8.  Carry Anywhere Exercise Cards  (not shown)

  9.  VIP Upgrade to MB National Convention

10.  Free 1 Parent Admit Ticket: MB ONE Convention

​​​​​​​$ 95.99

     The 'Movement is Blessed'   Program             

     1.ONE Exercise Workout
​         Only One Effective Daily Body Motion That's A Workout 

   2. Natural Health 'n illness
 "To Improve Your Health, Improve Your Circulation ... "  

                                                            Continental Who's Who, Editorial Aug 2015

    MB Programs To Purchase:     
 1. ONE Exercise Workout
Your wellness buddy on busy, long office, travel, rainy or festive days.  

             The no sweat, relaxing exercise preferred by non gym adults / parents.  

   2. Natural Health 'n illness   
             Improve wellness for 99.9% surgeries, acute  or chronic conditions.
             MUST for family caregivers, safe even for seriously ill elderly parents. 

Disclaimer:   Time and effort, invested to provide you with the best educational material possible.

The MB Program is for educational purposes only, not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

​​​​​​ $95.99

             Science Based All-Natural Exercise   -  Suitable & Beneficial For All Ages

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​All Rights Reserved. MB LLC.


Your Personal SOS Tool Kit:
 1.  The Only ONE Exercise
 Complete Book
 2.  ONE Workout Detailed Guide & Workbook
 3.  My Daily Progress Charts
 4.  MB ONE Exercise DVD
      i. Instructional DVD
     ii. Exercise Only DVD
 5.  Principles of 
Science Made Easy 

 6.  Enclosed Surprise Gift Card


            2. Total Body Natural Workout
Complete Head-to-Toe Exercise System