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Few Recent Activities 2017:
Sept : 1. Harvey Houston Recovery Volunteer & Supporter
​                  2. Memorial Hermann Hospital Annual Fair Exhibitor
                  3. Catholic Charities Female Veterans Health Summit Exhibitor 

                  4. Second Annual Organ Transplant Symposium 

                  5. And more community events.

  Oct :    1.The Esteemed Women 2017           

                 2. Walk With A Doc Houston 
                 3. Stafford Annual Senior Health Expo Exhibitor
                 4. Hearing Loss Association American Houston WALK  

                 5. ESPN EXPO Senior Services Showcase Exhibiior

                 6.  More upcoming holiday events

​What We Do: You'll receive an invoice of how, where and whom you made a difference. 
For Seniors:
        1. Organize Events for Seniors Aging at Home: Teach Foot Exercises for Mobility.
        2. Improve Senior Foot Health & Hygiene: Give Following Items to Try or to Use:
 Shoes, Socks, Lotions, Soaps, Foot Scrubs, Napkins & All Foot and Nail Care.
        3. Start Senior Walks in Ethnic Cultural Centers of America:

             In House Walk, Walker Walk, Block Walk, Park Walk, Mall Walk   
        4. Support New Facility for OBESE seniors, enable them to stand up on the feet.   

                 For Mothers to Be & Babies / Children  

           1.  Teach  exercise to improve mom's to be's circulation. We purchase or give all new mom items. 

        2.  Exercise improves nutrient supply to the new born baby. Give products the new born's needs. 

        3.  Help bond new dad to the baby, last trimester exercise assistance. 

                For Office Dads (Managers, Executive, CEO's)

       1. Office dads sitting long hours, one no sweat office exercise for you.
We arrange workshops / seminars for improving wellness of office parents.

       2. Thanksgiving & Christmas, teach children long term family care giving. 


Who We Help: 

Exercise helps everyone from pregnant moms, children, adults to seniors, on a daily basis. Simply tell us your choice of home, school, community, church, cultural group, or office event. Contact us, we will follow your request.
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  Natural Exercise Benefits ALL Ages​​

                       From Pregnant Mom & Baby  - to Adults - to Seniors